Real Estate Tax Revenue Collection

Tax and revenue agencies are tasked to maximize revenue and efficiency and improve constituent services. These agencies need an experienced partner that can provide innovative ideas, value added solutions, proven experience and management. Real estate property taxes are in many countries an underutilized or inefficient tax stream that can be modernized and maximize and create additional and sustainable revenue. As a partner we will implement such changes that can give the government new collection options, tools, and treatments that were not previously available. We provide it all as a partner with Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC.

We employ a system where we conduct review of the current collection system employed by a government from local to national and compare it to other collection organizations from various similarly situated municipalities to determine the best path for improvement, and potential revenue increases with certain implementations. We put together all information for a sustainable policies and practices book. The result is realizing all opportunities available, and an estimated additional revenue with implementation of these practices. We identify changes to existing technologies that will maximize revenue collection and new efficacies in the process which can eliminate much of the costs currently undertaken.

We employ the least intrusive collection action, from the debtor’s perspective, and the least costly action from the government’s perspective. To do this we do a comprehensive business process analysis and improvement. When governments are constrained to certain technologies it will limit their capabilities to maximize collection. Best business practices deal with the two types of collection process administrative and legislative. Administrative improvements can implemented without formal changes made to existing law or published policy. This is where we put our focus as to not intrude on existing laws. We employ a system of technological modernization to facilitate many of the improvements.

These administrative changes can all be done within the current structure and are the quickest and easiest method to increase revenue. Many of the processes can be automated that were previously manual, eliminating costs and inefficiencies in the process.

Consolidating all real estate tax collection services has proven to be an extremely effective way of eliminating waste and inefficiencies. Our collection services provide just that, and we consolidate all unpaid collections services in centralized unit, whether managed by government or through our collections services. It eliminates redundant activities performed by various agencies, increases collections and reduces the cost of collections, and streamlines and standardizes the processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

The main practices we employ are automating issuance of collections documents and processes, identification of inactive cases which may be collectible, automated identification of addresses, standardized collection processes, and revised collection strategies. Improved collection and practices contribute significantly to the fiscal well-being of governments at all levels, and Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC is the firm to make that happen. We provide all the above consulting and collection services which will come at no upfront cost to the government and the added efficiencies and revenue growth will be realized and the fee will only be collected upon benefits being achieved.