Real Estate Management Services

Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC began as a commercial real estate management and investment service. We have acquired, managed, and disposed of over $200 million in real estate, just for our own portfolio. Currently there is a resurgence in the United States multifamily real estate market, and this is where our track record provides insight into the experience and management capabilities of our company.

We prepare an exhaustive analysis to each and every acquisition, and apply the same process to all assets we manage. We seek out assets at wholesale or reduced prices, apply cost effective capital improvements, to produce the greatest return on investment for any property or asset in our portfolio. We have experience and we know how to acquire value-added and distressed assets and stabilize in industrial, office, and the retail sector.

Our real estate service objectives are: (i) to acquire and operate a portfolio of income producing, properties that will increase in value over time; (ii) to invest in value-added and stabilized properties and capitalize on undervalued assets and asset appreciation; (iii) to generate regular cash distributions to our members, with remaining funds to be reinvested in the investment fund until termination and liquidation in accordance with our fund agreements; (iv) to generate a targeted net annual internal rate of return of 10%; and (v) to generate gains to the members from the appreciation in value of the properties. Gains from appreciation of the properties will be realized upon the sale of the specific properties when the investment matures. We will seek out and purchase real estate according to your objectives.

Our primary focus of our real estate management and investment services is to purchase newer real estate with reduced capital expenditure requirements and high current and projected growth We have a very successful record of selecting properties that are undervalued or susceptible to value enhancement through capital improvements or intensified marketing and leasing efforts; thus preserving and growing value in our properties.