Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC also works in many other sectors of infrastructure privatization, outsourcing and consulting whereby we are able to secure financing from major USA and world banks as well as private money consortiums. Through our licensing and contract services, we can also streamline your government’s responsibilities through outsourcing. We will eliminate government inefficiencies and maximize revenues via licensing fees that we will pay you or a revenue sharing program. We can eliminate cumbersome government functions while increasing your revenue.

We can also mediate and arrange transactions with many international private companies to bid on and manage the implementation of various government services for many governments throughout the world to help facilitate the best structure for your city and country. The privatization, outsourcing pr licensing of your government assets not only eliminates inefficiencies and much of the bureaucratic process, but also eliminates the possibility of striking unions or workers disrupting these key government and societal functions. Our experience is extensive and our knowledge delivers results your government needs. We focus on the privatization, managing, licensing and outsourcing of such industries as:

Government agencies exist not to make a profit but to generate revenue to service their citizens community. Governments have a long-term interest in financial performance, and solvency because chronic losses may lead to low personnel morale, inability to provide for the community and the eventual demise of the organization. However, financial performance is only one indicator of success for any government. Customer satisfaction is also a motive for any government adding strategic value to the population and the community. This is especially true of governmental agencies, in which the ultimate "customer" is also the source of funding -- the taxpayer. Therefore, unlike private companies, where internal efficiency is of little concern to the customer, efficiency and productivity are of great concern to government customers, since they are paying for the governments operations, making re-election of officials and current administration more likely. This fact makes internal efficiency or cost effectiveness one of the key strategic goals of a government agency.

In many cases, it is best for government agencies to consider outsourcing some revenue generating activities to private contractors in order to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, while increasing revenue. For a private company to stay in business they must develop the best and most efficient approach to cost and operations in order to compete.

This is why worldwide there has been a large movement towards privatizing and outsourcing many of the government functions. It also frees up valuable resources where the government can allocate it to areas of need such as healthcare, education, social services, and military. It not only frees up resources and eliminates costs, but adds additional revenue from the licensing fees and revenue sharing agreements that a government can put in place…

……..this is where Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC comes, we will broker the best arrangement for your government that will deliver the quality desired with accountability, but will maximize revenue for your government.

We can therefore implement and arrange for your municipality the best alternative to generate maximum revenue.

We are extensively involved in the legislative process required to pass necessary legislation.

Feasibility studies from recognized sources for any proposal

Full Public Relations campaign utilizing all media outlets.

We can license, sell or outsource most any government revenue generating function as well as develop new sources or revenue for you.