Parking Enforcement Services

We are experts in the parking enforcement field and can generate substantial revenue for your government, either nationally or regionally. Most governments are missing out on a huge revenue source by not properly or efficiently enforcing parking violations. We offer management services for the implementation, management, and enforcement of all parking violations. Outsourcing your parking system to our company will eliminate the bureaucratic red tape, human influence, waste and error. Your government owns the public streets but your government is probably not properly enforcing the violations missing on millions of dollars in government revenue. We can immediately implement the parking enforcement system utilizing existing signs and laws or in conjunction with parking meters that we can also install and generate more revenue for your government.

We have been able to follow the models used throughout the world and expand and improve on such systems to create the most advanced system of parking enforcement ensuring that your government will maximize all revenue potential. The key to any implementation of a parking system within a country or municipality is the enforcement. Enforcement is what derives revenue for the city. We are experts in creating and implementing such a system for your government.

How it works:

We hire and train all parking personnel on the processes and we utilize handheld enforcement equipment whereby our personnel will be placed in each major city and issue violations typically in the down town (city center) during daytime hours. We issue to all of our parking enforcement personnel a handheld device, which will issue the tickets right on the spot. Handheld ticket writers are lightweight, single-piece devices with attached printers to enable parking enforcement officers to “write” their tickets on the handheld computer and have the violation tickets printed at the scene. The printed violation tickets are legible, durable, weatherproof, and most importantly – accurate. The violation tickets are placed on the car windshield and the central computer database is automatically updated and it will be linked to a central police and automobile registration database.

This device will link into a central database of all registered automobiles and instantly upon submission attach to the offending vehicles registered owner, thus creating a permanent record. This will eliminate the antiquated process of delivering tickets to a police station to be registered into the system for offending vehicles, eliminating waste, errors and abuse. Once a ticket is submitted through the handheld device it will automatically attach to the automobile, and the registered owner must pay the ticket, or face the consequences of losing registration of automobile, more fines or possible arrest and prosecution. If the ticket is not paid within a certain time period the violation ticket fine will double or triple, and an automobile will not be legally registered until all the outstanding tickets are satisfied.

When a car has accumulated 3-10 outstanding (i.e., tickets that are unpaid within 30-60 days of issuance date) parking tickets registered to the vehicle, it will automatically trigger our booting system. At which point our parking division's boot crews are authorized to immobilize (apply a booting device to) any vehicle that has more then 3-10 violation tickets. Once a vehicle has been immobilized, the motorist whose vehicle has been booted must pay the required booting fee of $100-$300.00 (USD) and all unpaid parking tickets. The vehicle will then have 72 hours to pay for boot removal at which point if not removed the vehicle will be towed to a privately contracted tow yard. The vehicle is completely immobilized and cannot be driven due to the booting device, which will ensure that all violations are paid, and proper enforcement of the parking laws are followed.

We properly train and manage all personnel to implement the above system to maximize and enforce all parking and vehicle registration laws once we obtain a license from the your government. This not only helps with parking congestion but also assists local merchants by limiting the time cars can park in outside their establishment thereby reserving more spots for their customers. This entire system will be facilitated through Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC.