Licenses Plates

This category of license deals specifically with the manufacture, administration, registration, and distribution of an auto license plate and license plate annual sticker indicating the date of expiration. In most countries this level of yearly registration is at or just below national government and focused per Province/State/Oblast or Region. The revenue generated from this license is distributed to the government for reinvestment into the infrastructure and other social services programs or used as general public revenue

We propose to establish a system whereby the auto owner will be required to pay for an annual fee (tax) to renew the auto registration. Once the owner pays an annual fee, a license plate sticker will be mailed or can be picked up at a local city office. The auto owner will then attach the sticker to the rear of the license plate. License plate stickers are generally registered to the auto itself. In the United States for example it is registered to the owner of the auto and the auto. We propose a system similar to United States that will allow multiple drivers per vehicle to operate the auto legally. The annual registration and renewal of license plates is nothing more but an added tax and revenue for your government.

We are soliciting from your government a contract for the manufacturer of license plates, management, and annual registration via the sticker program. Each year a new sticker must be obtained to keep vehicle current and legal within your country, state, oblast or region. The fees range from $80 (USD) to $800 (USD) to obtain a new license plate sticker each year. This amount of registration fees in most countries translates to the cost of automobiles, as it is a proportional and relative cost. For Example, in some countries the annual registration renewal for a newer Mercedes S550 is $2,500 USD as the government has determined that the cost of the annual registration should be proportional to the cost and value of the automobile, similar to auto insurance. If a person can afford to purchase such a car, he can afford a higher annual registration fee.

We will set up and establish an entire manufacturing process of license plates, including custom “vanity” plates for which the auto owner will pay a higher fee, generally double the amount of a standard fee. The computer system will be linked to police auto registration system. We will follow strong adherence to Federal or local laws with respect to distribution of license plates and their yearly registration via the sticker example. It is essential that the auto owner buys a new sticker each and every year or the auto will not be registered properly and the police can issue a citation. We will mail a special metal sticker that will stick to back of the license plate and thus the police officer can stop and pull a car over if they do not have a currently valid registered license plate sticker on the back license plate.

Depending on the number of cars in your country as an example, if your country has 8 million cars at an annual fee of just $100 USD per year for registration per auto, the revenue we can collect will amount to $800 USD million a year. When custom license plates are sold and the yearly renewal fee is based on the value/cost of the auto, in a country of 8 million cars the average fee will be $170 USD or we can collect $1,360,000,000 for your country or region. All states in the US administer such a similar system at the state level, as well as many other countries throughout the world.

If your country or region lacks this system and structure, your country has been missing out on enormous tax revenue. Simply by giving us the license to administer this program we will introduce a new, substantial, and sustainable revenue stream to your annual budgets.

Without a proper license plate sticker, it allows a police officer to pull over any offending vehicle and issue a fine for not having properly registered vehicle. It also allows parking enforcement personnel to issue a ticket to any vehicle parked in the street without an up-to-date license plate sticker. Any car that is parked on the street with an expired license plate sticker will be issued a fine equal to two to three times the annual registration. Once a ticket is issued it will go directly to a central database for administration.

If a vehicle accumulates more than 3 tickets they will be liable to have their vehicle towed to a city towing yard, or to put on a disabling boot onto vehicle. The only way to receive vehicle out of tow yard or remove the disabling boot, will be to pay all applicable fines, with a late fee for failure to pay tickets timely. The vehicle will also not be allowed to pass a yearly emission or safety inspection if it does not have a current registration sticker.

The training and management of enforcement personnel is a key part of what Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC offers to participating governments. Outsourcing the license or the management services of this program ensures the proper enforcement that will deliver maximum revenue to your government.