About Us

Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC is an established transportation consulting firm,whose strategic focus is in obtaining licenses from governmental agencies in order to provide privatized parking, parking enforcement and toll management services to clients around the world. In addition we also work with the privatization of toll roads and photo traffic enforcement. We are unique in the industry in that we provide a full-service operation with relationships throughout the Eastern Bloc, Asia, South America and United States and offer governments with state-of-the-art equipment to implement the infrastructure desired. Thru proper government channels we can facilitate privatization deals to generate substantial revenue for the government. We have access to a network of capital investment firms for the necessary funds needed to develop the entire infrastructure needed by any size country or government body.

From the original design of a parking system to the collection of enforcement revenues through meters or parking maids, Municipal Asset Privatization Consultants, LLC handles each and every step in generating maximum revenue for our government clients. As a private management and consulting firm, we represent only the finest in parking privatization, toll roads, and photo enforcement and are always searching for the newest cutting edge technologies as we aim to increase revenue for our government clients. Our business experience and knowledge will facilitate a rapid implementation of our services.

By tapping our network of relationship management, operational, and technical experience, we provide our clients with professionally managed and implemented parking privatization contracts, within our network of preferred providers. We have a team of innovators and visionaries to help bring new revenue streams and technology to developing and developed countries and municipalities. We also help modernize outdated parking infrastructures for our client cities.

We will help you to manage your entire parking ticket operation – from ticket issuance to final disposition. We install toll roads and help build a paid road infrastructure system for a region or a country.

Our interests lie in obtaining licenses from governments for parking meters, parking enforcement, paid toll road system or photo violation enforcement and then utilizing the license to maximum revenue generation.

We can begin installing the parking meters, writing parking tickets or building a paid toll road within months of us receiving the license from your government agency.